Charlotte Yorke-Long


Charlotte really enjoys working with her clients, interpreting their taste, understanding the way they live and covering a wide spectrum of styles. Her expertise is applied to major design projects and smaller scale decorating projects.  Her aim is to fulfil the dreams of her Clients giving them ‘far beyond their expectations’ and always remembering that it is totally individual and personal to each one.  Whatever the style, the finished product must work perfectly.


She also understands what is required to maximise the value in a property and the importance of budget. He eye for arranging space together with her attention to detail has enabled many people to transform a tired conversion into an extremely valuable asset.


Charlotte has a natural love and great experience of period property and helps many people on the architectural side, especially in her consultancy work, to enable them to achieve the right proportions, joinery details, correct mix for pointing and all the other details that go to give a house real quality with understanding and compassion.

CYL Interiors




Contact Charlotte on 01908 267167 or 07860 446456 or email